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Dr. Parimal J. Kansagra, DMD - Added $170,924 in revenue within 90 days (Includes During Covid).

Story: Dr Kansagra is based out of Los Angeles and was looking for a partner that delivers direct measurable results of high paying patients

Problem: Paying thousands monthly to multiple advertising agencies while being trapped in a 12 month long contract

Solution: 205 leads in 60 days. 25 self scheduled appointments. 3 paying patients that accepted treatment totaling $52,550 in brand new revenue across 2 locations) with appointments and walk-ins coming in multiple times a week.

Dr. Kansagra and his team were like many other dentists many other dentists before coming on board to our programs. They were highly skeptical, unsure if it was going to work and they weren't the ones to blame. The dentist industry industry is filled with people charging exorbitant amounts of money for marketing systems which can be set up a single front desk staff in less than 60 minutes. It's the same campaigns that we helped Dr Kansagra and his team set up which led to these results.

Market: Los Angeles

Result: $170,924 in additional revenue within 90 Days.

Dentist: Dr. Parimal J. Kansagra, DMD

Wade Harrouff, DMD - Added $143,693

(Includes During Covid).

Story: Dr Harrouff runs a successful multi location practice out of Jupiter Florida but wanted a marketing company specifically suited to attract high paying patients and avoiding discounts

Problem: No clear way to determine IF their marketing was attracting high paying patients, where they came from and what the Return on Investment was.

Solution: 83 leads in that turned into $63,992 in 'case accepted treatment has been started' dollars with $3,398 of which should be coming in within 3-4 weeks.

Dr Harrouff and his team worked directly with us to best understand their market, how to track it, and how to automate the follow up with their best next future patients. We helped audit their ways of working, discover dollars, and helped properly identify missing $24,400 in treatment plans that came from our campaigns (email below).

Market: Jupiter FL

Result: $143,693 in additional revenue

Dentist: Wade Harrouff, DMD

Jan L. Ziegler, DDS - Added $45,100 in revenue within 90 days (Includes During Covid).

Story: Dr Zielger is based out Miami FL and wanted marketing that worked AND had a higher ROI that just normal examinations, cavities, and braces.

Problem: Making sure the leads got a follow up, the front desk was trained, and his campaign delivered a huge ROI worth his attention.

Solution: 21 leads and $45,100 in accepted treatment plans in less than 90 days. All of which were directly attributable to the campaign

Dr Ziegler and his team were like many dentists. They had a working practice that brought in patients and dollars but wanted specifically to grow in a high dollar high price procedure area of their business. We worked with his staff, trained them on what to do and say, and watched them land multiple $5,000 and $10,000 procedures.

Market: Miami, FL

Result: $45,100 in additional revenue within 90 Days.

Dentist: Jan L. Ziegler

Anonymous Chicago Client, DMD - Added $60,253.00 in revenue within 90 days (Includes During Covid).

Story: Dr X is based out of the greater Chicago, IL area and wanted more higher paying patients.

Problem: His current marketing was working but they were not bringing in the $3,000+ procedures he was looking for.

Solution: 121 leads totally $60,253 in directly attribute-able revenue all of which were high value procedures ($3,000+)

Note: We removed this clients information at his request.

Market: Chicago IL

Result: $60,253 in additional revenue within 90 Days.

Dentist: Anonymous

Dr James Lee, DDS Blooming Dental - Added $67,054 in revenue within 90 days

Story: Dr James Lee is based out of Cedar Park Texas which is close to Austin Texas. His is solo owner operator dentist.

Problem: Dr James Lee wanted more consistent patient inquires, walk-ins, and a more predictable business model so his practice could grow.

Solution: 160 leads and $67,054 of revenue directly from the campaign of which all of it was $1,000+ procedures.

Dr. Lee and his team had difficulty with marketing that was bringing in patients that wanted high dollar treatments. He had success in the path with flyers, newspaper ads, and bus benches but nothing was consistent and it was bringing in cleanings and discount driven patients. We worked with his team, created a unique campaign, and he closed $67,054 of revenue from it.

Market: Austin TX

Result: $67,054 in additional revenue within 90 Days.

Dentist: Dr James Lee, DDS